Sissy’s Family Restaurant Celebrates a Decade

By Tricia Lynn Strader

Sissy’s Family Restaurant at 55 Meadow Lane Plaza in Martinsburg celebrated a decade in business on May 28.  However, the family run operation can trace its roots back several years. Co-owner JR Stanley said his wife and cook now, Darla “Sissy” Stanley, worked as a waitress for 22 years for a previous owner of the restaurant at the same location.  That restaurant, under a different name, was the victim of fire 12 years ago when an arsonist set an adjacent business on fire.

“We rebuilt it and opened it as Sissy’s,” says JR. “That’s what everyone calls Darla.  Sissy, our son Kenny Stanley, and Linda and Kevin Donivan helped me rebuild it.”

Sissy’s is a 3,000 SF restaurant open seven days for breakfast and lunch.  There’s the main café section with ten booths for relaxed dining, and on either side are two dining rooms.  One of those dining rooms is open all the time, and one is set aside for weekend crowds and special booked events. This section accommodates 50 to 60 patrons.

They offer many comfort food, home cooked dishes for breakfast or lunch, and any item on the menu is available anytime during regular hours from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily. And, they have daily specials.

JR says Sissy and other cooks make all their own homemade soups, cole slaw, sauces and gravies. Salads are also fresh daily.  He thinks that’s what makes them stand out from other area restaurants.

“Sissy cooks, and is also a backup cook,” JR says. “Jennifer Porterfield, our daughter, was a waitress for over nine years and now she cooks. Our main cook is Dale Cook, and his daughter Logan Cook is a backup. Our prep cook is Mary Jockheck.  They all have a lot of experience and can make sausage gravy, chipped beef gravy, meatloaf, liver and onions, pork chops, tenderloin, steaks, and veal.”

Meatloaf is the special every other Friday. They also offer country fried steak, country ham, hot dogs with Sissy’s own hot dog sauce, and hamburgers.  Occasionally, they have salmon cakes. And for those seafood lovers, they also have a 21-piece shrimp dinner, butterfly shrimp, cod, and tilapia.

Sandwiches range from club, ham, or turkey, to egg, tuna, or chicken salad, and eight to ten different kinds of subs.

Breakfast specials include two eggs, bacon, sausage or ham with home fries and toast for $5.95. The price is the same for daily lunch specials including a meat and two vegetables.

Sissy’s Family Restaurant is really a family affair with kin by blood and kin by choice.  As mentioned, JR and Sissy own Sissy’s and their daughter Jennifer is a cook.  One of their cooks, aptly named Dale Cook, and Logan, lend their culinary talents.  Waitresses include Amy Rager, Linda Donivan, Sissy’s sister Cindy Dunlap, their daughter-in-law Sabrina Stanley, Crystal Silvius, and Rose Daniels. Dale’s niece Kassie Cook works in the kitchen.  Dishwasher is Keesha Davenport.

It’s a family affair with the dining public, too.  As the song goes, patrons can always see a familiar face.  JR and Sissy would like to extend a special thank-you to all of their loyal customers.

“We’ve got regulars who’ve been coming for 20 or 30 years,” says JR. “They were customers of the restaurant that was here before. Everybody knows each other.”

Sissy’s was even named the best for hot dogs in one of the area’s Reader’s Choice Best of the Best Awards.

“Our customers always say we make the best breakfast in town,” says JR, “so we were surprised we got it for hotdogs and not breakfast. But we do make a special hot dog sauce.”

So, if you’ve never been there before, stop by Sissy’s Family Restaurant at 55 Meadow Lane Plaza, and say hello. You might become one of their friends and family.

For more information or to book for parties, call (304) 262-4646 or like them on Facebook.

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