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11012016-people-to-know-2STORY BY TULA MASON

IS IT JUST ME OR ARE THE CARS OF TODAY BEGINNING TO resemble the ones that we used to see in those futuristic shows of our childhood? I mean who would have imagined self-parking cars, let alone self-driving ones? With automakers providing consumers with every imaginable comfort and convenience available in this day and age, it seems more and more that car dealerships have fallen behind and are still working in the dark ages. Well I come bearing great news, there’s an app for that! Happy Tag Autos App allows you to buy your new car on your own terms and from the comfort of your own home.

This exciting, new way of car buying is brought to us by founding partners Richard (Rick) H. Kelly and Eric Carper. Both realizing that car sales were heading in a new direction, they decided to be a proactive part in this rather than sitting on the sidelines waiting for the inevitable to happen. Rick and Eric were both painfully aware of the lengthy and frustrating process of buying a new or used vehicle. With the desire to provide a positive experience to all involved, they set out to make it happen, and they certainly have succeeded. The Happy Tag Auto App gives both the car buyer as well as the seller a stress free and efficient experience. Allowing consumers to take control of virtually every aspect of purchasing a vehicle and not even having to leave their house to do it, while drastically cutting down the time consuming paperwork for the dealership as well. Unlike other car-buying apps, which act as the middleman between the dealership and the car buyer, Happy Tag Autos App provides a direct line between the two. This allows for a more direct buying experience and also saves us money at the same time.

Rick Kelly, who has been the coowner of Hagerstown Ford since 1995, has more than 35 years of experience under his belt. From his humble beginnings as a counterman in the parts department, then service advisor, to service director, he continued to work his way through the ranks. He went on to work as a sales manager and then became General Manager of King Lincoln Mercury in Gaithersburg, MD where he remained until he and his father-in-law became owners of Hagerstown Ford where today he is the Dealer Principal. His many years of diverse experience give him a wide range of knowledge and experience to bring to the table. Eric Carper is currently the General Sales Manager at Hagerstown Ford located in Hagerstown, MD.

Boasting more than 20 years of experience in the car sales industry, he also has worked as an Insurance Agent and a Mortgage Broker as well giving him a varied skill-set and unique perspective to add to the mix. With an extensive knowledge base in regards to the various Desking and CRM tools used throughout the car sales industry, he has worked closely with the Deal Scan Team to develop the State-ofthe-Art scanning tool that can only be found on the Happy Tag Autos App. This well thought out tool allows for a thorough yet speedy process, which enhances the car buying experience for the customer during the vehicle purchase transaction.


Sales Administrator and daughter of Rick Kelly, Megan Walter, is the Administrative Assistant at Hagerstown Ford. She is a graduate of the University of Maryland where she earned a degree in Communications. Her education coupled with her previous varied work experience makes her perfect for the job.

Content Marketer Morgan Burke is responsible for the development and execution of the marketing strategies associated with Happy Tag Autos App. In addition to her marketing experience, she also has a Masters degree in Journalism as well as a Bachelors degree in English.

The Happy Tag Autos App allows the automotive consumer to act as his or her own sales person, which means no commission-based salespeople to contend with, and even value their own trade simply and efficiently using the Happy Tag Scanner and Kelley Blue Book. After that, it’s just a matter of choosing from the available special interest rates and rebates and selecting the amount you want to pay for your vehicle. Then you simply submit your proposed deal to the person in charge and wait for their response.

The Happy Tag Autos App is your real-time solution for stress free car buying. This allows the buyer and the seller to communicate without the aggravation and inconvenience of spending long hours at the dealership. Once a deal has been made, it is only a matter of stopping by for a test drive and to sign a few papers to seal the deal. Sounds great doesn’t it? Well, Now what if I told you that the dealership would deliver your new car right to your door? It’s true, believe it or not, they really will.

So if you or someone you know is in the market for a new or used vehicle, I encourage you to download the Happy Tag Autos App from ITunes or Google Play and take it for a test drive. Simply type in your zip code and start shopping. When you find the vehicle of your liking, let the dealing commence. I can’t think of a simpler, more convenient way to purchase a vehicle while at the same time having total price transparency as well.

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