Comprehensive Dental Care

Article By: Jeffrey A. Marcum
Photos By: Josh Triggs

Many people would not include a dental office on their list of favorite places. Understandably, it is usually just the opposite. Appointments are put-off until absolutely necessary and then people have a tendency to fix only the most urgent of problems. This may be due to financial costs or the negative images of long, boring, painful procedures conjured up as past visits are remembered.
One area dentist is trying to change the stigma associated with a dental visit. In fact, you are just as likely to see children playing or the sound of laughter when you visit Joshua Wright, D.D.S. at Cornerstone Dental.

Dr. Wright started Cornerstone Dental in July of 2016, but the dental practice is not a new one. He took over for Dr. Gibson, who served Berkeley County for over 40 years, inheriting many of Dr. Gibson’s patients. Dr. Wright also brought a youthful energy with him, extensive knowledge of the latest technology in advanced dental care, and a passion to help others.

Even though Dr. Wright has just started his practice in Martinsburg, he is not a stranger to the area. He actually grew up in Berkeley County.

He graduated from Hedgesville High School, played in the marching band, and participated in local Boy Scout Troop 32, where he earned his Eagle rank. After high school, he stayed close to home to complete his undergraduate studies at Shepherd University before traveling to Morgantown, WV to complete dental school at West Virginia University. He stayed in Morgantown to further develop his skills through a General Practice Residency program allowing him to work with all of the various dental specialties at Ruby Memorial Hospital and even had a short stint teaching general pediatric dentistry at WVU.

It was not happenstance that Dr. Wright chose to open his practice in Martinsburg, though. Growing up in the area, he recognized how underserved the residents of Berkeley County were for basic dental and medical care. Many people would travel to nearby Winchester, VA or Hagerstown, MD to seek services, forgoing the month wait for routine appointments that many patients experience.

It also allowed Dr. Wright to be close to his family. In fact, Cornerstone Dental has a close family connection. His father introduced him to Dr. Gibson and helped facilitate the transfer of the dental practice. His brother, Will, has taken over the business side of the practice, relying not only on the education he received while earning his M.B.A., but also on past experience as a dental lab technician and a dental equipment sales representative to help steer Cornerstone Dental away from the negative aspects of dentistry he observed in other dental offices. Dr. Wright’s new bride, Gina, is also scheduled to join the practice when it expands later this year. The two were married last October.

Cornerstone Dental is equipped with many of the latest gadgets in dental care. With all of the innovations, dental care has become more precise, less intrusive, and less traumatic for the patient. The dedication to cutting-edge technology is apparent throughout the office, from the 3D CAT scan allowing for easier installation of implants, to the filtered lights that keep dental fillings from hardening too quickly. This latest equipment also allows for more comprehensive care as most services can now be completed in one place instead of referring patients out to specialists. Dr. Wright bills his practice as “Truly Comprehensive Care.”

Of course, Dr. Wright is also dedicated to the continuing education needed to offer the newest and best care for his patients. He and the rest of the staff at Cornerstone Dental attend training sessions regularly to ensure that they can fully meet the needs of any patient. He believes that it is not only imperative to offer the best dental care, but also to make the patient as comfortable as possible during and after dental procedures. The new technology allows for greater precision, less irritation, and a quicker healing time, but only if the Dentist and staff using it are properly trained. The staff at Cornerstone Dental reinvests a significant amount of time, money, and energy in offering better patient care.

Along with using the latest procedures and technology in dental care, Dr. Wright believes in helping patients make the best decisions about their needs. He takes time to explain the different options available and makes sure his patients understand what is happening. He doesn’t believe in shaming patients for poor dental health. Since it is impossible to change the past, he instead focuses on creating better habits for the future. His goal is to restore a beautiful, confident smile for each patient, dependent on their individual needs.

Dr. Wright understands the importance of good dental hygiene and tries to stress that to his patients. Regular check-ups can help determine the overall health of a person. Many illnesses exhibit symptoms in the mouth and gums. Problems, such as infections in the mouth, teeth, and gums can spread to other parts of the body if left untreated. Additionally, a healthy smile can increase self-esteem. One reason for the name of the dental practice is that good oral hygiene is a ‘Cornerstone’ to good health. The staff at Cornerstone Dental works so hard because they genuinely care for their patients. They also really enjoy what they do. Dr. Wright and his staff find a sense of professional satisfaction when they are able to offer the highest quality of care. “Good work reenergizes you for the next patient or the next day,” stated Dr. Wright.

This level of satisfaction is apparent as soon as you walk in the door. There is a light-hearted mood around the office. Dr. Wright is likely telling a few jokes. Laughter can be heard throughout the office. Everyone wears a smile. It doesn’t feel like a place people would dread to go, and that is the atmosphere that Cornerstone Dental wants to create.

The desire to help others spills out of the office and into the community. Dr. Wright and his staff want to give back, whether it’s helping a Scout Troop complete badge work or sponsoring a pine wood derby, or donating school supplies to local elementary schools. Cornerstone Dental wants to be involved with the community to make Martinsburg and Berkeley County a better and healthier place to live.

Dr. Wright feels that sense of community among the dental practices in the area. Even as a new office, he has felt welcome and supported by other dentists. He collaborates with WVU East as well as other practices, sometimes offering advice, and sometimes seeking the experience that comes from many years of dental work.

Cornerstone Dental is always accepting new patients. To find out more about Dr. Wright’s expertise and training, or his work to make dental work less scary, check out the website for Cornerstone Dental at, or call the office and set up an appointment (304) 267 – 6095. Dr. Wright and the rest of the staff at Cornerstone Dental will be happy to help you have a brilliant smile.

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