Around The Panhandle | September & October 2016

Dear Readers:

As you all know by now, we at Around the Panhandle strive to bring you, the readers, the best of the best of all businesses and events in our area. This issue is no exception. Written by Tula Mason, O’Sullivan Farms, which is pictured on the cover, is the areas most prominent thoroughbred horse farm. Aside from its sheer beauty and magnitude, this area business proudly serves horseman both near and far with any and every service imaginable. I’m sure you will enjoy learning about them and their rich history as much as I have.

Writer Audrey Knapp’s article on Trails and Trees Studio Tour truly takes readers on a journey through art in Berkeley County. This annual event, which consists of 15 artists and 10 studios, is a must for all of you art lovers out there.

Nutters Ice cream, written by Becky Muth, is a sweet treat of a read for everyone. Once you have finished with this one, I know that a trip to this popular spot located in downtown Sharpsburg, MD, will be as hard for you to resist as it was for me. Judging by the constant crowds of patrons that can be seen there, most of us choose the path of least resistance when it comes to Nutters.

As always, I encourage all of our readers to take time out of their busy schedules to enjoy all of the fun and amazing things that are unique to our beautiful area. How wonderful for us to have such a wide array of options at our disposal. So go out and see the wonders that are readily available in our little part of the world!

Angi Cornwell, Assistant Publisher
Around The Panhandle Magazine
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