Around The Panhandle | September & October 2014

Dear Readers:

This issue really bounces around the panhandle highlighting what makes our community such a pleasure to be a part of. Our cover features GT. Schramm and kicks off our quest to bring you the top 25 Most Influential People in the panhandle.

I gathered a panel of respected figure heads in our community with whom I respect and admire for their leadership and success. We each compiled a list of 25 people and compared notes. Our criteria for making the list was simple, Could these people influence people?

And had they made significant contributions to our community in the last ten years? In the end the decision was mine and I take full responsibility for the final 25. I know I am going to miss someone, some people even declined to be featured and I know some will make the list that you may not agree with, but the sole purpose is to highlight how many great people, doing amazing things we have right here in our community. Go ahead, send me your top 25 if you want so we can compare and debate the results. My list is very liquid and changing so you may even influence our list but we could even publish our readers lists if you would like.

That is exactly why I love our democracy and this country so much, we get to voice our opinions freely and above all, we get to choose who leads us. This November we get to vote again, it really is the highlight of my year. I don’t take it for granted, I take it extremely seriously and I urge you my fellow Americans to do the same. I have been to over 50 other countries and this right that we have been blessed with is what sets us apart from every-one else.

Mike Hornby
Around The Panhandle Magazine
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