Around The Panhandle | November & December 2015

Dear Readers:

We continue with part two of our six issue series featuring teachers who go above and beyond their normal job description. On this issue’s cover is the one and only Miss Elaine Unnone with her senior leadership class in front of Martinsburg High School. We are asking for your nominations of those exceptional teachers that really make an impression and go above and beyond the normal job description. Elaine beat out two other worthy candidates for the cover (Art Thomm and Travis Bishop) but unfortunately photo shop can only do so much guys so she got the nod.

Art and Travis are both are making great strides in their fields of expertise and we wanted to share their stories with you. Travis of course has been featured before but his business has evolved into so much more than it was before. Art is as he says either an absolute Hero or the Antichrist in people’s minds – there doesn’t seem to be any gray area when it comes to one’s feelings on Art.

It truly bothers me that we can’t have open, honest conversations anymore about the hot topic issues. We need to talk about these issues without our emotions taking over. I have always been able to plant my feet firmly on either side of any issue and really see the other sides opinion. I think we need more of that in today’s society. The famous saying “before you criticize a man, walk a mile in his shoes” really reflects the empathy that we need to show.

Mike Hornby
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