Around The Panhandle | November & December 2014

Dear Readers:

I must have been hungry when we created the set-list for this issue because we are jam packed full of great food articles and I must say I am even more hungry now than I was before, after laying out the pages. We are so lucky to have so many dynamic chefs and restaurants as options in and around the panhandle. Do yourself a favor and order the Greg Norman “Wagyu” Steak from Boyd’s when it is available – truly a mouth-watering piece of meat.

We continue our countdown of the top 25 most influential people around the panhandle with #16 thru #20. I got a huge amount of feedback from our readers who all have their own opinions as to who should be #1. The consensus seems to be that everyone at least loves the idea of this list.

We get an inside glimpse at a great man, whom I am proud to call my friend Mr. Kevin Knowles. Kev has one of the biggest hearts I have ever come across and he is always willing to speak his mind or speak up for those who can’t.

By the time you read this our politicians will have scurried back into their hiding places not to be heard from for another two years.

No matter the outcome or results I just hope we can start getting some work done. When you head to Charleston or Washington, I hope you remember that it is the people you work for, NOT your respective political affiliation. It’s about time we just started making decisions and moving this great State and Country forward.

Mike Hornby
Around The Panhandle Magazine
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