Around The Panhandle | May & June 2016

Dear Readers:

Summer is finally around the corner as we transition into this issue; so, allow me to begin by thanking you for picking up this release of Around the Panhandle. We have discovered many corners of the Eastern Panhandle this issue, to bring you a varied mixture of imaginative people, innovative businesses and stimulating stories. Audrey Knapp graced us with a piece on the Shepherdstown Street Fest, which is happening on Saturday, June 25th, 2016. There is no excuse for not getting out and enjoying this beautiful weather and the wonderful community we have here and the Street Fest is one of the best fine arts & craft festivals in the region, along with great live music, food and kids’ activities, it is truly an event for EVERYONE!

In the tradition of warmer weather bringing people outdoors, this issue is filled with wonderful articles, recipes and more. With summer approaching quickly, as it seems to every year, we decided to treat your eyes and stomachs to recipes for the best summertime treat for the entire family; HAMBURGERS! Grilled, broiled, or just plain pan-fried, burgers are the staple for every summer and outdoor activity that involves food. With food on the brain, Becky Muth has also provided us with a piece about the Old South Mountain Inn where, “Every Meal is a Special Occasion.”.

With this issue of Around the Panhandle focusing on all the delightful things happening outdoors, I cannot stress enough how rewarding and fulfilling it is to immerse yourself into your community and really find where you fit. Every residence has neighbors and each community has its faces and places that we trust. Let’s make a promise to ourselves the beginning of this warm season, to get out there, meet new people, learn about your neighbors and above all else, find a place in your community that you feel like you fit and that you can help. I’ve always believed that if you aren’t part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem and if we want to have our area of the world continue to succeed and thrive, then we must remain diligent to make our presence known. In closing, I leave you with this; get out there, meet new people and aspire to do great things with this wonderful season that we have been given.

Mike Hornby
Around The Panhandle Magazine
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