Around The Panhandle | May & June 2015

Dear Readers:

We have quite a goofy looking, old man gracing our cover this issue, some would say almost troll-like. I’m sure that his wife and his momma still love him despite his unusual features and ungainly limp, but it really is painful just watching him walk. Our standards for cover pictures has really spiralled into the gutter it seems especially when the best pic we had was of Michael Hite of Panhandle Printing & Design helping himself to the buffet line at last years Luau. It was pretty funny when we looked through the “Pick your Own Charity” Luau pictures, we could only find photos of Mike either with his mouth full of food or helping himself to more of the mouth watering pork that was served by the Purple Iris.

All kidding aside, it is our honor and privilege to have Mike on the cover this issue. Mike has supported us in every endeavor both in business and personally since our journey began almost 7 years ago.

I am proud to be associated in the same breath as him most times as he is not only my best friend but a mentor who will always give me his honest, unbiased opinion even when I don’t like his answer. Mike has been the treasurer for the Rotary Club of Martinsburg the last three years and his dedication to our community is unmatched in my opinion. He is a dedicated husband, father, grand-father (I mentioned he was old right) and the owner of Panhandle Printing and Design on Maple Avenue. Mike has coached, refereed and played (yes when he was younger) on almost every youth sports league in the Eastern Panhandle.

He is also a die-hard Cowboys fan but we don’t hold that against him. Mike is a self-proclaimed aficionado on politics, history and sports. He has an opinion on a myriad of topics and is never afraid to voice them.

Mike Thank-you for all you do for our community. Thank-you for your dedication to your family and friends. Thank-you for teaching whoever will listen the real value of living in the USA and this great state. If I can be half the father that you are, I will be damn proud of that accomplishment.

You truly are an inspiration!
Your friend for life – Mike Hornby

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