Around The Panhandle | March & April 2016

Dear Readers:

With the promise of warmer weather right around the corner, I already have the urge to get on my trunks and take a quick dip in the pool. The annual Eastern Panhandle Home Builder’s Association Home Show officially kicks off spring each and every year and of course this year we have the start of a new local elections season.

May 10th starts the Primary Local Elections so everyone should be in the mode of either vetting all of the new candidates, casting an absentee ballot or registering to vote by April 19th. For those of you that like to vote early, April 27 – May 7 are the dates that early Voting will be conducted. Remember, not voting, as the late Theodore Roosevelt said, “A vote is like a rifle; its usefulness depends upon the character of the user.” In other words, get out and vote people!

In this issue we have a fire-storm of a lineup to get you prepared! We take a closer look at each judicial candidate, we dive in deep with some of the home show’s key sponsors, nothing could be more promising than these events that help promote local businesses and create fundamental community ties. I have said it before and I’ll reiterate, the Eastern Panhandle is, hands down, one of the greatest places in these great United States. We have the choice to get involved this Spring by getting out and becoming involved in something that interests us and making sure that we at least make that choice to vote, so that our community leaders can continue to thrive and keep this part of the world as wonderful as it is. I’ll leave you with one last thought, nothing can prevent the bettering of our community but the members within it, so when you’re making plans this Spring for you and your family, as I will be, make sure the preservation of this community is at the top of the list.

Mike Hornby
Around The Panhandle Magazine
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